4 Benefits of Game-based learning

Some might say that gaming has a negative impact on kidsā€™ ability to learn. But here’s some news – our games have a positive impact.Ā  Why? Because we make educational videogames that actually work. Check our published research below for the nitty-gritty details:

The value of perseverance: Using Dakota culture to teach mathematics – published in Transmotion, 2018, Vol 4, No. 2

Dakota Math Project: Final Report to the U.S. Department of AgricultureĀ ā€“ Results of our pilot study of Spirit Lake: The Game

Yes, PROC FREQ does that ā€“ Item difficulties and other psychometric data, pre- and post-test results for Fish Lake, presented at the 2015 Western Users of SAS Software conference.

Also, playing educational videogames has the following benefits:

1. Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Controlling a game requires coordination. If you are using one of our games on a computer, tablet, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone or Android device -yes we cover all four them- you need to train your hand-eye coordination in order to operate it. This has a positive impact in other areas such as writing and even dancing!

AnnMaria in woods in Chile

You don’t believe me?

Here’s AnnMaria De Mars, President of 7 Generation Games, dancing on a tree stump

2. Better Problem-Solving Ability

With our educational games like: AzTech Games, Fish Lake, Forgotten trail and Crossroads you make decisions, calculate the number of arrows you need, how many flowers you need to make some traditional medicine to help your family.Ā  Players use strategic thinking and solve problems in a fun way.

shooting wolves

Games are one way to get students to learn

3. It improves Memorization

Mental illness such as memory loss, Alzheimer or early senility can be prevented by activating your brain with challenges to it. Having someone work on building their memory skills has crossover benefits in many areas of life.


4. It Helps with Attention Disorders

Game-based learning and educational videogames can actually help children who struggle to pay attention, because they don’t perceive learning as a boring process but play time. So let’s embrace gaming in school as a positive way to help our kids.

Children with iPads and cards

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