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You have one student – or fifteen students – in your classroom who have Spanish as a first language. Maybe you don’t speak Spanish. Maybe you do but those 15 students are at 10 different levels, from proficient in English to only knowing how to say, “May I go to the bathroom?”. You can’t be 10 places at once. You can’t magically learn Spanish. What do you do?

Today’s resources are for you.

Teaching about averages?

Have your Spanish-speakers watch this video. The TEXT is in Spanish and that is deliberate because we want students to learn to read English, but we also want them to learn how to find an average, so the narration is in Spanish.

While your English speakers watch the video in English, below.  You can also have your Spanish speaking students watch it, so they learn the words in English.

Our staff requested that I add a caution to the English version that it includes me singing.


Teaching how to use a timeline, including dates B.C.E. ?

If you are teaching students how to use timelines, including dates Before the Christian Era, here is a video in Spanish. This one does have text in Spanish as well as narration, although most of our videos do not.  We try to vary how the language is presented. Most of our staff is bilingual and we remember when we were kids just tuning out our less preferred language and waiting for the teacher / priest or whoever was speaking to just switch languages and use the more familiar one. So, we try not to be too predictable.

Here is the same content in English

You can find more free videos on teaching mathematics and social studies on our 7 Generation Games youtube channel.

If you are specifically interested in bilingual resources, our first bilingual app will be out next month. If you are interested in being a beta tester for our bilingual games, please email

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