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Pinterest is a cool social media platform to share images, videos and even teacher resources through boards predefined by the user.

In the beginning, it was very popular for recipes, but over the years Pinterest has become more than that. Nowadays, you can find everything you could imagine on it. Actually, many teachers use Pinterest to share educational resources.

You can browse or search for posts or “pins” on Pinterest online or the app. If a pin catches your eye, click on it and you can see more pin details. It’s like a showcase of educational content, videos, material and more. Isn’t that helpful?

We are an EdTech company so obviously, we have a Pinterest account where we share FREE educational content, such as PowerPoint Presentations (PPT) for your class, PDFs, videos and links to where you can find our games!

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You can interact with each other through liking, commenting, pinning each other’s pins and private messaging each other.

Who could have thought that you could find an Augmented Reality app to teach the numbers in two languages on Pinterest and for free?

We are a company changing the way math is learned. We create video games that combine math, history, and adventure gaming for everyone to enjoy. We also want everyone to have access to good quality educational resources so feel free to use ours with your students, children and whoever you want.


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