From papers on the refrigerator to division magnets

Intern Diaries contribution from Irma Barcena

I remember in kindergarten, I would give my mother my work and she would hang it on the fridge. It varied from art and colored pictures. As I got older, it became assignments and tests where I did well, and eventually only the As were hung up there. Even in high school, I would get 100s on my math tests and my mother would put them up.

So what is it with putting our accomplishments on a fridge? Or hanging them up in general?

Learn division with division magnets

Now, I associate a fridge with food that will give me energy.
One of my favorite parts of having my own fridge is decorating it. Yes, I do that too. I will put pictures, decorate it with magnets, and all sorts of colors. There’s nothing better than having a little fun right before you get your food.
It’s the best of both worlds.

From this, we came up with a decorating your fridge with division magnets in Making Camp.

magnets in Spanish

Except, we are rewarding you when you match the solution correctly. We reward you with a new magnet of your choice and you freely decorate it yourself

You don’t need an A to get on the fridge, just show you understand math by answering the problem. Pretty soon you can start decorating your own refrigerator like I did! There’s a cupcake and a lady bug (if you couldn’t tell).

Avoid the summer slide in math scores – get your kids Making Camp Premium and start doing division with refrigerator magnets.


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