Is there anything else included with the game?

As part of our licensing, we also include supplementary resources – Powerpoint presentations, additional curriculum building tools, etc. for educators – that can be used to reinforce what the game teaches. Use of these materials by teachers is optional, and our research to date has shown that the math scores of students using our game improve over the control group (non-game players), regardless of a teacher’s decision to integrate our supplemental resources. However, in instances where the teachers do draw from the additionally supplied materials in conjunction with the game, their students’ scores have risen even higher.

Also, the game tracks each student’s progress as he/she advances through the virtual world. This progress is charted online for teachers so that educators can see what type of problems an individual student and/or the classroom as a whole are present challenges to students as well as what concepts students have fully grasped. This data can help the teacher shape the classroom learning to focus on the problem areas and avoid spending valuable classroom time on math concepts the students already firmly understand.

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