Judah’s Internship experience

Hi, my name is Judah. I am 15 years old and going to my sophomore year, attending North High School.

This job has been a good experience for my first actual job, and I have been learning a bunch of new things from this job. I have worked here twice as I did the micro-internship program last summer, so I really already had expectations on what to do.

I think this was a good experience for me. What we do as interns is test games. If they have a bug we report it using a site called Bugzilla. I also made game icons using Photoshop 

My favorite subject in school is science because you get to experience things hands-on, and it’s the class where I feel like I am learning more things that I do in any other subject. One of 7 Generation Games I tested this summer that teaches science is Disaster Deduction Detectives

My favorite video game is 2K. What I like about it is that it is a basketball game, which is my favorite sport, but 2K also provides a really good user experience when you are playing the game.

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