Making games with impact: Part 6 – the stamp

Obviously from the name, this is the sixth in a series on making  games with the library, impact.js . Now that we have a background, let’s start putting in some trees and bushes. (For the first 5 parts, scroll to the bottom.)

We’re going to create a new layer of bushes. Just like before, create  a new layer, select the tile set, and now you see this. Let me give you a hint. Click inside of the rectangle with the bush in the top left corner, hold down the shift key and drag until you have selected the entire bush.

bush background

Now you have kind of a ‘stamp’ . Everywhere you click inside the game playing screen you’ll have a bush. I repeat the same steps with a tree layer and now my background looks like this.

background with trees and bushes


If this is just the intermission between levels we’re working on. Imagine how cool the whole Fish Lake game is? Available for Mac and Windows

Check it out on Steam,

buy it on our website here or

from Amazon.

Fish Lake


If you missed the first five posts in this series, you can find them here:

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