Two AR Apps Under Construction

As of 8/13/2021, our two augmented reality apps that are currently being updated are as follows:

  • Counting by Two Languages – Android & iOS
  • Math: The Universal Language – Lakota – Android

These versions of the app are under construction. You won’t be able to access them until construction is complete. Our apps will be back up and running as soon as we can finish construction on them, we promise!

Why are these apps under construction?

We at 7 Generation Games wanted to ensure that “Counting By 2 Languages” and “Math: The Universal Language – Lakota” were always available to teachers and students for free. Initially, we were able to do that since the company behind the AR platform used to develop our AR apps offered the platform for free.

However, when that company started to charge for the AR platform, that would have made it difficult to keep offering our apps for free. Instead of paying for the AR platform, we decided to redevelop Counting By 2 Languages” and “Math: The Universal Language – Lakota” ourselves to ensure that they remain free of charge for teachers and students.

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