Aztech Teacher Resources

Welcome to the Teacher’s Resource site for “Aztech”!

This site contains learning materials compiled from around the Web as well as specifically created to supplement the content covered in “Aztech.” This page serves as the central hub for all teacher resource materials related to the game.

Aztech Games is a series of games that teach mathematics at the fifth and sixth grade levels, integrated across the curriculum. Here you will find vetted resources that provide supplementary information and activities to complement the game you are using in your classroom.

Game-Specific Teacher Resource Sites

You might also want to check out the Teacher’s Resource site, which contains information on 7 Generation Games, our products and vetted resources that more broadly cover Native American culture or middle school math.

Also check out our Teacher Resources for our previously released games:

  • Spirit Lake: The Game” focuses primarily on numbers and operations and the Dakota/Sioux.
  • Fish Lake” focuses on fractions and the Ojibwe/Chippewa.

As we add new games, you will be able to access those teacher resource sites through that tab as well.

Materials are accessible either by link and/or available for download.

Click the links on the left for the individual pages to download the content.