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Deer Scales
This post is neither about weighing deer nor  a newly discovered species of deer-fish crossbreed that lives both in the woods and woodland streams The former would be more boring and the latter more interesting so on the average this post is just fine. You know how musicians practice scales […]

Deer Scales

Last night we attended the first EdTech LA Meetup at Coworkk (yes, it is spelled “Coworkk”) in Beverly Hills.  We met a lot of great people and heard some interesting presentations about some of the projects that other members of the group we we’re working. So what is the EdTech LA Meetup […]

LA Ed Tech Meetup

This week, a full company meeting was organized at our beautiful Water Garden Office to discuss summer progress and future plans. Interns had the opportunity to present their projects and help incoming fall interns get acquainted with what we do at 7 Generation Games. For me personally, this summer has […]

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