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One of our main goals at 7 Generation Games is to make math useful  and practical. How many times have you been in a real life situation where someone runs in the room and yells, “Hurry up, tell me what is the answer to 6 x 8? You have two seconds […]

Small Business Saturday: Support Family-Owned Businesses (Like 7 Generation Games!)

Here at my internship I have been assigned quite a few tasks to help out the 7 Generation Games team. One of my assignments has been to go through various educational sites and rate them for other 7 Generation Game employees. While I have come across some great sites, I get […]

5 Other Math Games We Like

The evening of Wednesday, November 19, our CEO went to LAX to pick up her daughter Ronda Rousey from her returning flight from Las Vegas. On their way out to car, TMZ stopped both Dr. AnnMaria and Ronda Rousey for a math pop quiz. Since 7 Generation Games creates educational […]

Dr. AnnMaria, CEO of 7 Generation Games, featured on ...

Join us on January 3, 2015 for our tweetup in Las Vegas. Although Ronda Rousey’s fight was rescheduled an will no longer be held at UFC 182, we’ve decided to continue with our original plan to host the tweetup right before the fights. We know a lot of people already purchased tickets for the […]

Join us for our Rowdy New Year tweetup in Vegas ...