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It’s Friday and that means that it’s time for another dose of the Freebie Friday! Today’s freebie is associated with our game Spirit Lake and it’s an authentic and copyright-free Native American photo. Our freebie is a historical photo of the census being taken at the Standing Rock Agency. In the […]

Freebie Friday – Taking the Census at Standing Rock Agency ...

Ronda and her gardening skills 1
We have done 3 Kickstarter campaigns and there are three questions I get every  time. Well, four, if you count, “What’s a Kickstarter campaign?” Why don’t you just get your daughter to pay for everything? Why does it matter if I back you or not? Do you think you really […]

The 3 Questions I Get Every Time

Hello everyone, it’s time for another Freebie Friday! Today’s freebie is from our game Fish Lake. The freebie is a culture video on how the Ojibwe fished. The video goes over the different ways that the Ojibwe fished, such as using spears. You can view the video below: There’s more […]

Freebie Friday: There’s more than one way to fish