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Hello everyone. It’s time for another Freebie Friday. Today’s freebie is from Fish Lake and it’s a PowerPoint presentation and pdf on equivalent fractions. The PPT and PDF titled, “Equivalent fractions and fishing” teaches you the steps on how to reduce to equivalent fractions and compare fractions to solve a […]

Freebie Friday: Equivalent fractions and fishing

Game o
DO YOU HAVE GAMES FOR iPAD? YES. Yes, we do. The following games by 7 Generation Games are iPad compatible and accessible. If you’re the one-stop shop kind of person, you can just go to our AppStore page here and see all 12 games. * Or if you’re interested in […]

7 Generation Games for iPad

Hello everyone, it’s that time again. It’s time for the Freebie Friday. Today’s freebie is a link we like: At Language Geek you can find fonts and keyboard layouts for free for various languages. You will find Native American languages, Siouan and Ojibwe languages, as part of the languages […]

Freebie Friday: Language Geek