Celebrate Cesar Chavez Day with Us!

As AnnMaria mentioned in her last blog post, she brought up during the developers’ meeting last week that March 31st is Cesar Chavez Day and that we should have our games free for another month in his honor. Well, I have an update on that today. However, first I want to share more information on Cesar Chavez, who he was and what he fought for, who inspired him, and great resources for educators to teach about his legacy.

Cesar Chavez was a Mexican American labor activist who founded and lead the United Farm Workers. He fought for justice and better working conditions for migrant farm workers. He was inspired to fight for justice by heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. To this day, Cesar Chavez is remembered for fighting for America’s working class – those laborers that help put food on our tables. His legacy lives on and his efforts continued through lawmakers that strive to protect workers’ rights.

Educators, when teaching about Cesar Chavez’s legacy you can find many resources on his story through sites like Teachers Pay Teachers and the Library of Congress. History is very important. It’s important to learn about and acknowledge our history in order to navigate the present and move towards the future. That’s why at 7 Generation Games, our games not only teach math, which is also very important, but teach math in context with history and culture as the narrative.

Speaking of our games, back to the update I mentioned earlier. In honor of Cesar Chavez Day, you can get our games for free for another month! You can get various of our English and Spanish bilingual games free for your device. I’ll list those below. Also, educators, feel free to check out any of our English and Spanish bilingual lesson plans from our Growing Math site.

Our Games You Can Get For Free

Listed below are our games that you can access for free on the web or on your device – iPhone, iPad or Android. Another update: we’re working hard on a new version of Making Camp Bilingual so stay tuned!

Making Camp Bilingual                                                                              AzTech: The Story Begins - book on desk with picture of Mayan god-king

Making Camp Bilingual (Web Version, iPad, and Android)                 AzTech: The Story Begins (iPad and Web Version)

Recommended Grades: 3-5                                                                   Recommended Grades: 5-7
Math: Multiplication and Division                                                          Math: Fractions and Statistics
History: Ojibwe, Plains Indians                                                              History: Latin America, Maya



AzTech: Meet the Maya (Web Version)                                                AzTech: Empiric Empire (iPad and Android) 

Recommended Grades: 5-8                                                                   Recommended Grades: 5-7
Math: Statistics                                                                                       Math: Fractions and Statistics
History: Latin America, Maya                                                                 History: Latin America, Maya


Tribu Matemática (Web Version)

Recommended for Grades: 3-5
Math: Multiplication and Division
Languages: Spanish and English (Spanish first version of MC Bilingual)






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