Hurray! We are officially on LearnCloud

As you already know by the title of this  post, we are officially part of LearnCloud

If you don’t know what LearnCloud is, let me tell you about it and how awesome the people behind it really are. LearnCloud is powered by the Rumie Initiative, a non-profit from Canada. They know that millions of learners can’t access the internet’s great educational resources and their purpose is to change that.

That’s why Mair Greenfield -Director of Indigenous Programs at the Rumie Initiative- contacted us to become partners to link our educational content into digital libraries that suit community voiced needs.

The resources can be downloaded onto Android tablets, iPad or laptops so you can use it at home or in schools. After you get it, you can access those resources without an internet connection!

This means that in our collection of resources provided by LearnCloud, you’ll find PDFs, PPTs, videos, and even educational video games. Everything you need to prepare a class lesson.

Also, you’ll find our following educational games for free:

You can already check out our  ‘Making Camp – Ojibwe’ LearnCloud Collection HERE

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And that’s not all, we are excited to announce that thanks to our friends from LearnCloud, our collection will be shared to the teachers at the Teach For Canada Vendor Fair in Thunder Bay, Ontario next week. Isn’t that cool?!

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