Graph explaining Buffalo herd statistics
One exciting aspect of interning for 7 Generation Games is being able to collaborate with the members of the 7 Generation Games team. As a result of the guidance from AnnMaria, Maria, and Jessica, I have been able to work on informative, yet engaging resources for teachers and students. My […]

Applied Math – Using math in our daily lives

Welcome to a revolution in educational video gaming! 7 Generation Games makes games incorporating math, Native American history and adventure gaming. Our products are currently used in more than 20 schools and after-school programs. We believe in educating through engaging. Spirit Lake: The Game is commercially available. Our second game, […]

Welcome to a revolution in educational video gaming!

angry teen
I’m working on a section of a game that teaches fractions. If a player misses the question about where to meet up with the returning hunter, he or she gets sent to study. There is a movie that plays before this about needing to get back to the camp before […]

No wonder kids hate math