Irma Barcena

Idioms can be tough to explain. I mean, you’re basically saying, “This combination of words means something totally different than what the actual words mean.” As we’ve built out language arts elements in both our upcoming Making Camp Premium and AzTech apps, we asked teachers what they thought we should […]

Make Your Own Idiom Book

Irma on a bike using VR
When I was 7 years old, my forte was Yui-Gi-Oh. Does that not sound familiar? It’s a fictional Japanese gaming cartoon that has existed since the 1990s and I was obsessed how a card can turn into a creature. This show stole my early Saturday mornings and I began collecting […]

E3-Dreams Do Come True

AnnMaria and Irma read the recent game suggestions we received from our users. Watch the video to find out some of the suggestions and our reactions!   Want to send us game suggestions and give snarky comments on them? Comment below!

Zombie Game Suggestions?

With Mother’s Day approaching, our team would like to say some words about our moms. Some words to describe our mothers were strong, courageous, sacrificial, and ultimately giving. There is so much to be thankful for. You can make her breakfast, go over for a coffee date, buy her flowers, […]

Mothers- you gotta love them!