Need Bilingual Resources? We Have Them!

At 7 Generation Games, we support bilingual education! Bilingual education is important because there are so many benefits that come with being bilingual. A few benefits include having a more flexible and agile mind, better communication skills, and your brain gets a workout which means being bilingual makes you smarter.

Christy Hanson (community manager) and Diana Sanchez (project manager) at the New Mexico Association for Bilingual Education.

We’re all for getting smarter. We create games to help achieve that! So here are some of the bilingual resources that we provide for educators to use in their classrooms.

Bilingual Resources

Powerpoint Presentations and PDFs

Making Camp Series

AzTech Game Series



Making Camp Videos

AzTech Games Videos

Also find bilingual videos directly on our 7 Generation Games Youtube channel. We’ve created playlists for you so that it’s easier to find them all in one place based on language and subject.

Spanish Math videos playlist

Spanish History videos playlist

Lakota History videos playlist


And of course, our games!

Making Camp Bilingual

Making Camp Lakota

AzTech Games: The Story Begins

AzTech Games: Meet the Maya



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