Solving Multiplication Word Problems with Our Software

In a previous post, I discussed the importance of repetition for memorizing multiplication facts. I also noted that repetition doesn’t have to be tedious. Students can use games that teach in a variety of ways and strengthen both recall and recognition memory, as well as teaching those multiplication facts in the first place.

Solving Multiplication Word Problems

Multiplications Word Problems with Making Camp

Solving multiplication word problems is a step up once students have learned their multiplication tables, but just say “word problems” and watch people shudder.

The first problem may be knowing what is being asked. To solve that, play Making Camp Ojibwe ,

Making Camp Premium or Making Camp Bilingual and select the movie with the zombie. This video explains arithmetic terms – when to use multiplication versus subtraction or division and ends with one multiplication question.

Build a Model video

The “Build a Model” video, also found in all three of those games, gives examples of multiplication when you need to move buffalo robes across the plains or books between classrooms. I have a 10-minute lesson plan on that. Check back tomorrow.

As you know, if you read any of my blog posts at all, I am a big believer in giving students multiple, diverse examples of where a skill or concept is applied.

The video on “How to Solve any Problem” from Making Camp Premium ends with an example of computing the total area of two rooms. Of course, computing area requires multiplication but too many students don’t immediately realize that.

Spirit Lake: A game full of multiplication word problems

The Spirit Lake game is chock full of word problems that teach multiplication and division, like this one:

Multiplication word problem with wolves

It is so awesome, I’m sad we don’t have it for tablets as well as Mac and Windows. An iPad version is coming but probably not until the 2020-21 school year.

My point – and YOU thought I didn’t have one …

It’s perfectly fine to let your students loose in the computer lab playing Making Camp or Spirit Lake and they will learn multiplication, including word problems.

If you want to incorporate the material from these games in your lesson plans, you can find PowerPoints from Spirit Lake here and both math and history videos here.

You can find PowerPoints from Making Camp here in both Spanish and English and a selection of the most popular Making Camp videos here.

If you want more step by step lesson plans, just watch this blog or make sure you are subscribed to our free newsletter, because those are coming up.

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