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Hello everyone, welcome back for another Freebie Friday. Last week we shared our 7 Generation Games Teachers Pay Teachers Page in our Freebie Friday and for this week’s freebie we want to share our TeacherTube page. On our 7GenGames TeacherTube Page you’ll find many great math videos. You can find math videos […]

Freebie Friday: 7GenGames TeacherTube

Hello everyone, you’re back just in time for another Freebie Friday. Today’s freebie is the link to our Teachers Pay Teachers Page, 7GenGames. So technically today’s freebie is a link to many more freebies. There will you find various teacher resources such as powerpoint presentations and activities on math incorporating […]

Freebie Friday: 7GenGames Teachers Pay Teachers

There’s a comic where the boss tells an engineer to “give the customers what they want” and the engineer says, “They want better products, for free.” The boss promptly scraps that give-the-customers-what-they-want nonsense. Almost from the first moment we produced Spirit Lake and Fish Lake people have been asking us, […]

Fish Lake: For your iPad and free