Daniel Mondaca

GREAT NEWS TO ALL THE PARENTS WITH CHILDREN WHO ENJOY PLAYING VIDEO GAMES – THEY ARE GOOD FOR YOUR CHILD’S BRAIN. Video games impact  brain structure by increasing the size of some regions and activating others, making some skills more efficient, such as attention and visuospatial skills. Researchers from the […]


Fish Lake
Learn about fractions and numberlines with Anookwesens. How was it that hundreds of years ago, Indians traveled all over and met up with one another just the right spot? It’s not as if they had computers to print maps to tell them where to go, and it’s a really big […]

VIDEO – Fractions on a Numberline

Kid playing making camp
One in a series on problem solving tips from our game Making Camp, this short video shows how to make a problem easier by only keeping essential information. What is ‘essential information’, anyway ? In Making Camp, players practice multiplication and division skills while learning math problem-solving strategies. They’ll also […]

VIDEO – Problem Solving Tip: Throw it out