Bilingual Games: Going Beyond Spanish

Not too long ago, 7 Generation Games ventured into bilingual games – English and Spanish. From a development standpoint, it was a learning experience in having our games accommodate both languages and flip between English and Spanish in various elements of the game – text, audio, and video. It was also a new experience to have to take everything in one of our games, translate it, and provide a Spanish version for all of those game elements. Since releasing Making Camp Bilingual, AzTech: The Story Begins, and AzTech: Meet the Maya, we’d say we took venturing into bilingual games head on and did a great job. Check out our English/Spanish games if you haven’t already!

More recently, we have had that same experience once again. But this time that experience comes with a whole new language, the Lakota language. We took elements of Making Camp Ojibwe and along with Thunder Valley Community Development Corp., we created Making Camp Lakota. Making Camp Lakota is the the FIRST fully English/Lakota bilingual, cross-curricular math video game. Math and history challenges are both in English and Lakota. Language of instruction is controlled by the player on every screen within the game, including text, audio and video content. It can be played in English, Lakota or flipping between the two. Making Camp Lakota is a great addition to the Making Camp series.
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Making Camp Lakota is recommended for fourth and fifth grade. It focuses on division and Lakota history.

You can play Making Camp Lakota on the web for free!

You can also download it for FREE from the App Store or Google Play Store.

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In addition to Making Camp Lakota, we have three other games in Indigenous languages:

Spirit Lake Beginnings – Lakota 

Math: The Universal Language – Lakota

Math: The Universal Language – Dakota

Even more exciting, we have more games in more languages under development – and coming soon! 

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